2005 when we first arrived in Tanzania
Bill, Leah, Katrina (3 years old) and Heather (9 months old)
2019, preparing to return to East Africa
Katrina (17 years), Leah, Samantha (3 months), Heather (14 years), Bill and Jonathan (10 years)

A lot has changed in 14 years since we first left for the field. We have moved from Arusha, Tanzania where we served for 9 years, to Tanga, Tanzania where we served for four years, and now we are preparing to move again to Mbale, Uganda. We have added members of our family, our newest addition is Samantha Marie born in March. We have changed mission agencies. But, throughout all of these changes, one thing has not changed. We are still focused on discipleship!

We are preparing to move to Mbale, Uganda to volunteer with Livingstone International University in September 2019. This website will be my new blog.

I look forward to sharing our experiences as we begin a new adventure!

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