One thing that I will miss the most when we move back to Africa is convenience. Things are so… Convenient here in America!

Mail is delivered to your door!! In Tanzania, there was no mail delivery. You had to have a PO Box to receive mail.

Amazon delivers to your door!! In Tanzania, there were no such luxuries as ordering things on Amazon. You had to go out and try to find it in the stores, and most likely it wasn’t going to be there. If it’s something we want or need and can’t find locally, it will have to be mailed from the US, or hand carried by someone visiting.

Walmart pick-up or delivery, and even Aldi delivers! Door dash will bring you almost any fast food to your door! Not in Tanzania! If you want it, go out and buy it. There is no fast food, much less it being delivered to your door. Restaurants can take over an hour to prepare your food.

Doctors will text you appointment reminders, Walgreens will text you that your prescription is ready. Not in Tanzania! It’s up to you to remember.

I have gotten very spoiled while we have been back in America, and I’m even trying Walmart pick up later today. Even though we are going to Uganda, and not returning to Tanzania, I know that convenience will be one of the things I miss most… after FAMILY of course!!

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